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International Principals’ Network, established in the year 2020, is an initiative by Indian Principals’ Network (IPN India) to bring all the School Leaders from around the world on a common platform to ensure the smooth sharing of best practices and ideas, with the vision of the development of Education System and Schooling Fraternity globally. IPN India is the rootstock for the Global Chapter of IPN Foundation


Indian Principals’ Network ( IPN )- is a nationwide network of school leaders established with an aim to work as a 'think tank' at the national level in order to bridge the gap between thought leaders of various boards coming together on a common platform for the purpose of exchange of best practices, learning and knowledge.


Core Objectives

Knowledge Sharing

India’s leading knowledge sharing platform for the enhancement of the quality of education.

Leadership Development

Developing & promoting leadership amongst the leaders by facilitating a platform for exchange of best practices.

Brainstorming Ideas

Serves as a common dais for the sharing of ideas, best practices and learnings.

Teachers Training

Development of a school as a whole by various conducting various training sessions for teachers.

Expert Sessions

Focussed approach on solving current issues through discussions carried out by experts.

Deliberate Discussions

Regular sessions organized with the experts to keep the forum aware and active.

IPN Advisory Board

Meet our experts

Gaurav Yadava

Founder & Moderator IPN India

Tina Olyai

Founder Director Little Angels High School, Gwalior

Seetha Murty

Director Education Silver Oaks International School

Meena Vaidyanatham

Advisory Board Member

Sanjay Virnave

Former, Country Head, Acer India